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UCLS started its journey in 1981 with studies and clinical research about skin functions and makes assiduous efforts to provide our customers with the most advanced cosmetics.

During the last decades we have developed various and important steps about the performance of cosmetics on human skin.

Those steps obtained successful results with the assignment of more than 20 patents in the cosmetology and medical devices field.

The products of ucls combine innovative concepts of peptide biochemistry, dermatological science and skincare intelligence.

Start of the scientific research
Start of lab research and studies on skin and hair
Opening first lab dedicated to cosmetology skin human research
Becoming an intercontinental scientific player in the biochemistry market
International bureau release approved patents for skin and hair applications
UCLS owns 20 international patents
UCLS becomes an international player

Swiss City Collection

The products of UCLS combine innovative concepts of peptide biochemistry, dermatological science, and skincare intelligence.

Come with us on a fantastic trip through Swiss cities, we'll be your guide through a sensorial tour where you'll be aware of our know-how, expertise, history, and formulation skills.

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Our science

UCLS group of Swiss companies holds more than 20 patents in the health and pharma field as well as in the cosmetic applications.

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