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LUGANO FOODIE ROUTE - is inspired by colors, pastels, culture, social life, safety, vitamins, wine, deliciousness... The Lugano line will take you to the heart of the Southern part of Switzerland and its colorful and tasty environment. Delicious Lugano line includes Vitamins Cream, Wine Extract Mask and Berries Jelly Cleanser. In delicious colors! Travel to Swiss paradise through your skin.

Vitamins cream

Key ingredients

  • CITRUS LIMON FRUIT EXTRACT - fruit extract with vitamins of the fruit
  • CITRUS AURANTIUM DULCIS FRUIT EXTRACT -fruit extract with vitamins of the fruit
  • VACCINIUM MYRTILLUS FRUIT EXTRACT - soothing action on delicate skin prone to redness, protecting its balance, strengthening its natural defenses and improving its appearance
  • SACCHARUM OFFICINARUM EXTRACT - exfoliates and brightens the skin. Moisturizing activity
  • ACER SACCHARUM EXTRACT - contains natural AHA acids, namely Malic and Tartaric, and hence why it supposedly helps slough off dead skin cells in combination with other acid-containing fruit extracts

Key benefits

  • Multivitamin cream
  • Fruit juices and extracts
  • Purifying and nourishing effect

Wine extract mask

Key ingredients

  • WINE EXTRACT - anti aging and antioxidant action. Empowered by resveratrol and polyphenols
  • COFFEA ROBUSTA EXTRACT - helps skin regeneration and works on cellular turnover
  • ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE - moisturizing and soothing effect
  • KAOLIN - absorbs sebum and prevents pore clogging

Key benefits

  • Skin benefits from wine extract
  • Balancing activity
  • Antioxidant and regenerative capacity
  • 10 minutes treatment

Berries jelly cleanser

Key ingredients

  • VACCINIUM MYRTILLUS FRUIT JUICE - soothing action on delicate skin prone to redness, protecting its balance, strengthening its natural defenses, and improving its appearance
  • RIBES NIGRUM JUICE - filled in vitamins and anthocyanins brings nutrients and freshness to the skin
  • PUNICA GRANATUM FRUIT JUICE - offers antioxidant properties that can help improve the appearance of aging skin by inhibiting damaging environmental stressors

Key benefits

  • Berries natural extracts
  • Efficient makeup remover
  • Cleanser with antioxidant activity

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